Michaele Rose Watson blends the art and function of stained glass to showcase the magical qualities

Custom stained-glass entryways enhance the atmosphere of any home or business. It adds richness, style and beauty that complements any decor. Stained glass front doors offer the perfect artistic touch for a home or business that values privacy and beauty. But these exquisite stained-glass artworks are not just for entryway doors. Try adding a sidelights, transoms, or windows for a decorator’s touch. Stained glass windows are often used to ensure privacy or to obscure an unsightly view while enhancing the room with charm. The magnificence and allure of stained-glass windows are unparalleled.

Designs by Michaele Rose can transform the mood of an entire room into one of stately elegance, style or grace. Whether your style is traditional, contemporary or craftsman, Michaele can create and deliver the perfect stained glass that will showcase your style and fulfill your function.

Do you have a vintage piece of stained glass that needs repairs? Michaele is experienced and trained in restoration and preservation of the historic artworks.

Every piece she makes is custom made and can be installed on-site by our professional craftsmen.

Contact Michaele today and find out how to start work on your custom Stained Glass piece!


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