Renovating? Remodel your home with Stained Glass charm

The versatility of stained glass makes it a perfect choice for your renovation. It can be a simple window, a focal point of a room, a showstopper of a door, warm or cool and as complex as you like. Whether you use stained glass in your bathroom remodel or your kitchen renovation or sprinkled throughout your whole home remodeling, be sure and place it where it will catch the light and you can enjoy it both day and night.

Stained glass kitchen windows are a classic way to add style, sophistication and beauty to the overall design and appearance of an existing kitchen. Stained glass kitchen windows not only allow you to take advantage of bright natural sunlight without compromising privacy, but it also eliminates the risk of unwanted glares and unsightly outside views. We can implement rich colors and textures that compliment your kitchen decor.

For a more dramatic effect, you may choose to create a custom stained-glass bar front or beautiful stained-glass kitchen cabinet doors. Whatever you choose, you will surely enhance the look of your kitchen, wine cellar or bar with the stunning beauty of stained-glass kitchen panels.

Gently filter the sun with a one-of-a-kind stained-glass masterpiece that will radiate beauty and warmth throughout the entire room. Contact Michaele Rose today!

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