Preservation and Restoration Stained Glass Projects

Restoring stained glass is an art unto itself.

We can help restore your stained-glass windows to their original splendor. As experienced stained glasses restoration experts in the re-leading, preservation, and conservation of older stained glass, these are some of the issues we address:

  • Window Survey - identify the window areas most critical for repair and restoration.

  • Faded Stained Glass - restore missing painted details and return your windows to their original brilliance

  • Broken Solder Joints - Window leads and solder joints get brittle with age.  Broken solder joints are a sign that a window needs restoration.

  • Bowed Windows - Daily fluctuations in atmospheric temperature cause stained glass to expand and contract.  Repeated expansion and contraction can cause stained glass to bow.

  • Re-Lead Restoration - As stained-glass ages, the lead within the window becomes brittle and/or oxidized.  You may observe broken lead joints, bowed stained glass, or daylight streaming between exposed edges of lead and glass.

  • Damaged Windows - Did a windstorm leave a window shattered? Or maybe you just have a couple of broken pieces? We match glass colors, painted styles, and if necessary, reconstruct the artwork of damaged/missing stained glass.


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