Pricing Stained Glass Window Panels

Installing stained Glass is considered a specialty project and can be quite pricey especially for hand-crafted larger panels.  Of course, if you have your heart set on this unique architectural feature, it does not have to be prohibitively expensive.


You can purchase pre-made stained glass panels over the internet.  They are factory made; cost less and there are limitations in design choices. 

The Crystal Lady Art Works does not repair or install factory made glass panels.


Your custom designed, made from scratch panel, is a unique creation and priced accordingly.  It is best to provide a sketch, photograph or image of a painting, etc., so I have an idea of your expectation.  From here I can customize your designs and provide a sketch for your custom stained-glass creation.


The color and the quality of glass affects price as well.  For example, Red & pinks are more expensive than blue & greens.  Handmade and exotic glass can be substituted for lower cost machine made standard glass.


The larger and more complex the panel, the more and different types of construction materials and glazing are necessary and can affect the cost.


Stained Glass window installation is accomplished by your carpenter with our assistance.  We will work with your contractor to make sure your stained-glass panels are installed safely.


Installation choices require early consideration and decisions prior to starting the project.

  • The size of the window and where it is being installed. Ground level or higher? 

  • Will the stained-glass panel fit over an existing window?

  • Will your window need resizing with an extra frame installation?

  • Will there be an extra sheet of glass in front of your stained-glass panel to protect it from the elements of wind and storms?

How do I price my Stained-Glass Panels?


My base rate can range from $90-$300 per square foot depending on location, complexity and materials used in the creation of the panel.  Add an additional $5.00 per piece.  So, if I charge a person $100 for a square foot size panel and it has 20 pieces the Price will be $200.


I will create an original custom design and pattern at $20 per hour

Copper Foil Stained Glass Panel


Custom-made stained-glass panels generally cost $100 to $300 per square foot and depending on the complexity can be anywhere between $500 or more per square foot.


Leaded Stained-Glass Panels


Simplest Designs         $90 - $150 per square ft

Med Designs                $150 - $250 per square ft

Complex Designs         above $250 per square ft


Installation of stained glass begins at approximately $50 and can be as much as $500 depending on existing window openings, size of stained glass panel, extra glass for environmental protection from elements such as wind, storms, rain & debris.


A detailed estimate will be provided prior to stating your project and a 35% deposit will be required at that time.



Architectural Luxfer or other Prismatic tile Transoms-$150 to $200 per square foot, plus materials.  This includes assisted removal, complete dismantling of transom, cleaning each individual tile, layout and reassemble with new Zinc Came & rebar, then assisting the contractor with installation of the Transom.  Travel beyond 50 miles will be at actual expenses.


Other Stained Glass Panels that require minor repair, broken glass sections, stretched lead channels, rebar, etc.  need to begin with a phone call and an image of the damaged panel if it is not possible to bring the panel to our studio.  Extremely simple repairs begin at $50.

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