Never cut glass before? This workshop is for you. Master Stained Glass Artisan of 18 years, Michaelé Rose Watson will be teaching you all the tricks and skills to produce a very professionally hand-crafted Stained-Glass panel.

Class 1: Discussion of glass supplies and materials. You will also make your pattern (10 pcs, max),

Class 2: Learn how to properly use a glass cutters, glass pliers and grozers. Practice cutting on clear glass and begin on colored glass.

Class 3: finish cutting colored glass.

Class 4: Discuss and operate grinders, glass files, applying copper foil and discuss soldering technique. Class 5: soldering and clean up. Students will need to purchase one 12”x12” square of their primary glass color and one roll of 6/40 solder. Everything else is included.

Stained Glass Workshop #1021005

  • Monday: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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